All about LEDs

LED Information

We will try to answer all of your LED related questions here. If you cannot find what you’ve been looking for, please get in touch.

LEDs are a Light Emitting Diode and are described as “solid-state” due to there being no need for heated elements and instead rely on semi-conductors.

Our LEDs are rated at 25,000 hours, with our Filament LED bulbs rated for 15,000 hours and our High/Mini Bay LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours.

LEDs don’t burn out like Halogen Bulbs and with an average lifespan of 25,000 hours, they’re capable of 20 times the expectancy of Incandescent bulb, and 5 times the expectancy of Compact Fluorescent bulb spans however after their life span is reached LED bulbs may begin to dim.

Our LED Bulbs range from 4w-17w which result in an average of 10x better efficiency when compared to their equivalents. Our High/Mini Bay lights range from 40w-230w which run 2x more efficient than their Halogen counterparts.

LEDs feature a cluster of mini bulbs together, which a slightly more labour-intensive process alongside more materials. Whilst LEDs initially cost more, they usually pay for themselves after 6 months to a year of use.

LEDs will fit into your current bases/fixtures assuming the wattage and fixture type matches (For example it may need a B22 Fixture and can’t exceed more than 60w). Often, LEDs feature a lower wattage unless you’re after a brighter one!

A 2700k (Warm White) features a temperature very similar to halogen bulbs, however will appear slightly whiter. We also stock 4000k (Cool White) bulbs which appear brighter than 2700k making it slightly more efficient. Choosing the right temperature is hard however, we find 4000k bulbs look more modern but can make rooms feel cold whereas 2700k is often a friendlier approach.

Standing for “Ingress Protection”, the numbers represent different levels of protection.

The first digit is how well protected it is against solid foreign bodies (0 being no protection to 6 being dust tight).

The second digit indicates its protection against moisture (0 being no protection to 8 being water tight) This is can also be rated for different depths and periods of time.

Bathrooms are broken down into zones where certain IP ratings are minimum requirements. Zone 0 lights must be at least IP67, Zone 1 IP44 (Although IP65 is recommended) and zone 2 also requires IP44. Outside lights require an IP43 bulb.

Our LEDs are IP20 rated meaning they aren’t suitable however our High/Mini bay LEDs are IP65 rated and so can be used in most instances.

LED Bulbs are much brighter than Halogen bulbs of the same wattage and consume roughly 80% less energy despite LEDs being a cluster of bulbs.

Yes, LED bulbs are regulated by onboard resistors which limit the amount of current flowing through the LED. If this is bypassed the LED wouldn’t be able to dissipate the extra heat caused by a larger flowing current and therefore would blow. Rest assured the resistors prevent this.

Yes, some of them can. These are marked as ‘Dimmable’.  LED Bulbs can be dimmed using the correct power supplies. Halogen dimmer switches won’t have the desired effect on an LED.

Yes, all our LEDs have a 2-year warranty, but our High/Mini Bay LEDs and accessories feature a 5-year warranty. If you do run into any issues, please get in touch.